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Clay Ryder manages Sageza's quantitative and analytic content services. He leads client-based consulting projects and supervises the creation and delivery of Sageza's research and analysis. Since he co-founded Sageza in 2001, Clay has been a key contributor in defining Sageza's business direction. His perspectives on business development, marketing, and technology issues are based on twenty years of practical experience and industry observation. Clay was an early adopter of ARPANet and later the Internet. He has extensive expertise in real-time and network control systems. Prior to founding The Sageza Group, Clay was Vice President and Chief Analyst at Zona Research, the first market research firm to specifically identify and quantify the commercial applicability of the Internet. During his seven-year tenure at Zona, he consulted with a many industry leaders included in the "Who’s Who of the Internet." Clay is a frequent contributor to IT-focused radio and television programs including Silicon Valley Business, Silicon Spin, Tech TV, and C/NET. Clay is also a well known industry speaker having chaired panels at Internet conferences including several at COMDEX. He has been published in Computerworld, VAR Business, HP World, and other industry publications. Clay holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from California State University, Chico.

Clay Ryder

Principal Analyst